About Us

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Our Director

pegdOur chorus director is the wonderful Peggy Di Sunno, who inspires us to reach new heights with each performance. We can be heard throughout the year, singing for civic and charitable organizations, private groups, churches, community events, and fundraisers.



Our Management Team

Our chapter’s choice of governance is the Team Management Style of governing. We are a team made up of seven coordinator positions plus the director for an eight member team. Our fiscal year runs from May 1st through April 30th each year. A term on the management team is for 2 years, and members may run for 3 consecutive terms, or a total of 6 years.The Director is a permanent member of the team.

Director Peggy Disunno
Team Coordinator Linda Beck
Finance Coordinator Laura Lynch
Communications Coordinator
Kathy Solomon
Events Coordinator Sandy Coleman
Marketing/Tech. Coordinator Jackie Moss
Membership Coordinator Thea DiSunno
Activities Coordinator Chris Becker

Our Chorus

Section Leaders:

  • Lead – Thea DiSunno
  • Bass – Linda Gorniok
  • Baritone – Joan Ryan
  • Tenor – Laura Lynch
  • Assistant Director – Linda Gorniok


Tenors: Leads: Baritones: Basses:
  • Laura Lynch
  • Martha Wagner
  • Linda Beck
  • Mae Biancone
  • Carol Bill
  • Joan Colao
  • Sandy Coleman
  • Jacquie Cronin
  • Thea DiSunno
  • Julia Gentile
  • Susan Goldstein
  • Heather Lee
  • Rosalie Luber
  • Cheryl Luparella
  • Carol Mason
  • Lisa Ross
  • Kathy Solomon
  • Janalyn Travis-Messer
  • Vicki Walter
  • Jackie Moss
  • Anne Cantwell
  • Julie Jacobs
  • Anne Lachcik
  • Colleen Marron
  • Joan Ryan
  • Ginnie Alestra
  • Chris Becker
  • Nicola Bruner
  • Irene Corulla
  • Linda Gorniok
  • Audrey Lodato
  • Lorraine Bettica
  • Barbara Sinkoff



A few words about our wonderful diverse chorus members…

First row- Left to right

Carole Naso- Alumnus.
Hilda Blevins-Alumnus.
Linda Gorniok-  Thank you for the music.  Member for life since 2004.
Peggy DiSunno- 40 years a Sweet Adeline: singer, director, lover of 4-part harmony.
Irene Corulla- Creative, Artistic and Loves to Laugh!
Anne Cantwell-“Still crazy after all these years.”
Linda Beck- Always, with a song in my heart.

Row 2- Left to Right

Carol Mason- I’ll see you on the radio!
Heather Lee- Music, ferries and buses will transport you.
Ginnie Alestra- Not just singin’ in the shower anymore.
Jackie Moss- Coal Miner’s Granddaughter sings lead with nightingales.
Linda Beyer- Alumnus.
Jan Edry- Alumnus.
Julia Gentile- This “sophisticated lady” still has a lot of sing, sing, sing in her.

Row 3- Left to right

Sandy Coleman- Veteran songbird loves to read and sing.
Joan Ryan- Laughter is the key to happiness.
Vicki Walter- So glad I found Long Island Sound!
Karen Mullen- Alumnus.
Noreen Comenzo- Alumnus.
Audrey Lodato- Small town girl havin’ a great time!
Colleen Marron- Still serious after all these years.
Jo Skurka- Alumnus.
Linda Esposito- Alumnus.
Martha Wagner- How come trouble is so much fun?

Top row- Left to right

Kathy Solomon- High energy gal, zoom, zoom, zoom!
Lisa Ross- Wife, mother, attorney, still on my journey.
Sue Goldstein- Happily divorced, cats and music better than husbands.
Karen Schlender- Having the time of my life!
Carol Bill- Family, fun, friends and singing “I Love That Song”!
Thea Di Sunno- I can’t remember not ever being a Sweet Adeline.



Snowbirds- Left to right

Chris Becker- A singing snowbird.
Anne Lachcik- Lovin’ life as a singing, golfing, grandmother of six.
Mae Biancone- With a song in my heart.
Joan Colao- Sassy, flashy and full of fun!



(from left to right)


Miranda Mullen- Alumnus.
Cheryl Luperella- Energetic, crafty, artistic, animal lover and determined.
Deanna Locasio- Alumnus.
Laura  Vandemark Lynch-  My soul takes flight with music.



Nicola Brunner


(from left to right)


Jacquie Cronin- Music is the voice of God, keeping happiness in our hearts and letting our spirits soar.
Rosalie Luber- Isn’t harmony what we’re all searching for?



New Members 2017
(from left to right)


Lorraine Bettica- Never going to say I’m sorry for the essence of my soul.
Barbara Sinkoff- Mount Sinai married mother of three, happy to sing.
Julie Jacobs- Joyous Julie enjoys jamming and making jams.
Janalyn Travis-Messer- Hawaiian lounge singer finds Sweet Adelines.


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